XT - Tapered Dispensing Needles
XS - 1/2" Stainless needles with epoxy hub

Dispensing Tips and Luer Lock tip caps
Dispensing Tips and Luer Lock tip caps

Tapered Dispensing Needles

X-KAR Dispensing Tips are made from high density polyethylene to include a Luer Lock hub and a taper tip. Color coding indicates tip orifice inside diameter that corresponds to gauge. Easily cut by user when shorter tip is required.

You can also order separately any Dispensing Needle size in packages of 25 or 100 pcs. (Example of P/N for 18 gauge tapered needle: for 50 pcs: XT-18-50 and for 250pcs: XT-18-250. To order different gauge just change 18 for required gauge size.). Dispensing tips are ideal for solder paste dispensing.

Dispensing tips are ideal for solder paste dispensing.

Gauge I.D.
XT-14 Tan 15 .063 1.60 1 1/4 31.75
XT-16 Grey 16 .047 1.19 1 1/4 31.75
XT-18 Green 18 .033 0.84 1 1/4 31.75
XT-20 Pink 20 .024 0.61 1 1/4 31.75
XT-22 Blue 22 .016 0.40 1 1/4 31.75

• Shaped for paste and adhesive dispensing.

Note: Dispensing Tips can be ordered in packages of 250 or 50 pcs under the following part numbers (P/N):

GAUGE/COLOR P/N (50 pcs) P/N (250 pcs)
14/Tan XT-14-50 XT-14-250
16/Grey XT-16-50 XT-16-250
18/Green XT-18-50 XT-18-250
20/Pink XT-20-50 XT-20-250
22/Blue XT-22-50 XT-22-250

Stainless Steel Needles lengths 1/2" (12,7 mm) with Epoxy Hub

XS-1/2-16 XS-1/2-18 XS-1/2-20 XS-1/2-21
XS-1/2-16 XS-1/2-18 XS-1/2-20 XS-1/2-21
XS-1/2-22 XS-1/2-23 XS-1/2-25 XS-1/2-27
XS-1/2-22 XS-1/2-23 XS-1/2-25 XS-1/2-27
P/N (250 pcs) P/N (50 pcs) GAUGE I.D.
XS-1/2-16-250 XS-1/2-16-50 16 .047” (1,194mm)
XS-1/2-18-250 XS-1/2-18-50 18 .033” (0,838mm)
XS-1/2-20-250 XS-1/2-20-50 20 .024” (0,610mm)
XS-1/2-21-250 XS-1/2-21-50 21 .020” (0,508mm)
XS-1/2-22-250 XS-1/2-22-50 22 .016” (0,406mm)
XS-1/2-23-250 XS-1/2-23-50 23 .013” (0,330mm)
XS-1/2-25-250 XS-1/2-25-50 25 .010” (0,254mm)
XS-1/2-27-250 XS-1/2-27-50 27 .008” (0,203mm)
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