11 SMT-ServiCE - Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Preheater
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SMT-ServiCE - Digital PID Control SMT
Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Preheater

Not Matched by any other system in the industry

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SMT-ServiCE - Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Preheater


SMT-ServiCE is a Unique Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Pre-heater, which offers precise and accurate monitoring of process temperatures at a working point on a PCB. Also, allows pre-setting of exact temperature of air stream at the end of Hot Air Pencil Nozzle and at a tip of Soldering Iron. The accuracy is achieved by a unique feature, user-adjustable offset, which compensates for differences in PCBs' being reworked (dual or multi-layer, high and low mass) in case of pre-heater settings. The off-set for soldering iron tip and hot air stream temperature settings allows for accurate compensation when changing tips or nozzles.
The unique, high performance of the unit is possible due to use of the newest microprocessor technology and thorough programming of all control and monitoring functions combined with PID temperature control of all heaters.

System Features:

System Includes:

XHP-10 Hot air pencil XVP-10 Vacuum Pick up pencil
XHP-10 XVP-10
AS3-B ESD grounding cord AML-301A Cordless “+” adjustable wrist strap, blue, 4mm snap, coil cord 6ft
XST-77 AS-3B AML-301A
Unique offset feature, which allows precise setting of PCB temperature

Unique offset feature, which allows precise setting of PCB temperature

Note: Precise temperature setting on PCB is also a function of preheat time. Offset is set experimentally for a defined preheat time e.g. 2 min, 3 min etc.

System Description

The SMT-ServiCE was primarily designed for SMT Rework and Repair of the printed circuit board assemblies using SMT components. The emphasis of the design was on observation of appropriate process control required for correct Rework and Repair.
This includes protection of the boards (and the vias inside them) against sudden thermal shock to prevent difficult to detect damages as well as components themselves, which are already connected to the board.
Bottom convection pre-heat of the large area of the board guarantees even and gradual thermal expansion. Pre-heated board to e.g. 130 degrees C, needs much less thermal energy to de-solder or re-solder a component on the board. To de-solder the component only 53 degrees C are needed (183 deg., which is melting temperature of the solder minus 130 deg. which the board is pre-heated to by the bottom pre-heater).
To achieve this relatively low temperature differential, lower thermal capacity and lower air temperature tool can be used, which guarantees safer for the board and the components rework process. This lower temperature differential required to obtain solder melting point makes the rework process much faster than the one, which is done when using conventional rework tools.
For your convenience and to save the valuable bench space the system includes in one Base a Pre-heater, a Hot air Tool and a Vacuum Pick up Pencil, giving you all what you need to Rework or Repair most of the SMT Technology Boards. Standard board holder XU-1S allows you to mount 12" (305mm) wide x not limited in length boards. Other, optional board holders are available to accommodate boards up to 21.5" wide. Available models are: XU-5, XU-Mini, XCBH-1, XU-1, XU-2 and XU-3.
The powerful Pre-heater will also allow you to rework high mass boards, which have through-hole components like connectors etc. (you must use proper pre-heat temperature, which is lower than the maximum allowable value for the plastic from which your connectors are made).
Both Pre-heater and Hot air Tool have close loop temperature control and maintain the setting temperatures with high accuracy. The Vacuum pick up tool uses the top of the line vacuum pump to give reliable and consistent operation by maintaining high vacuum at wide range of supply voltage and frequency fluctuations.
The system can accommodate optional tool stand with adjustable Z-Axis control (if this is your preference for 4 sided components rework). The stand holds an XHT Series Hot Air Tool in a vertical position for precise component removal and installation operations. The hot air tool is held vertically to the work platform of a base and bottom edges of any nozzle mounted on the tool are horizontal to a PCB, which is in a board holder placed on the work platform.
The System also accommodates Semi Automatic Vacuum Component Pick-up Option XCP-01 which attaches to the System for automatic component lift upon reflow of the solder.

Technical Specification:

Overall System:
Input Voltages 110-120, 220-240V AC
Power Consumption Max. 1200VA
Weight 5.5 kg (12 Ibs.)
System dimensions 487x328x88mm
19.1" x 12.9" x 3.5"
Packaged weight 11.3 kg (25 lbs)
Pre-heater Section:
Max. Power 1050 VA
Preheat Temperature measured on a PCB 140-302 °F (60 -150 °C)
Preheat area More than 8" square
Average PCB preheat
time to 150 deg C
Less than 2 min.
Hot Air Pencil:
Input Voltage 24V AC
Power Consumption 80 VA
Temperature Range 392 - 878 °F (200 - 470 °C)
Air Source High efficiency diaphragm pump
Air Flow .5 - 4.5 l/min
Hand piece weight 50g (.11 Ibs.) w/o cord
Air Nozzles Kit 3 standard nozzles (XN-2, XN-3 and XN-6)
Hot Air Iron:
Input Voltage 24V AC
Power Consumption 60 VA
Temperature Range 347 - 788 °F (175 - 420 °C)
Hand piece weight 50g (.11 Ibs.) w/o cord
Vacuum Pick-Up:
Vacuum source High efficiency diaphragm pump
Vacuum 8" Hg (200mmHg)
Hand piece Slim, Light weight and ESD safe
Vacuum Probe Kit 3 probes and 3 ESD cups
"K" TC Range 77-1112 °F (25-600 °C)

Optional Equipment:

XSI-10 - Iron

RX-711 Tips

XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-1 XN-2 XN-3
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-4 XN-5 XN-6
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
    Nozzles contain in XHP-NS1 Nozzle Set
  • XOPR-1 Bottom Heater Opening Reducer
    Convenient when re-working small boards e.g. cellular phones

Additional products enhancing the use of the SMT-ServiCE convection rework unit

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This is a tool which is designed to make SMT rework easier,
less time consuming and properly done to guarantee appropriate process control.
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